V. Lakshmikanth

V. Lakshmikanth

Assistant Mentor and second-year in-charge at MSIT


V. Lakshmikanth is an Assistant Mentor and second-year in-charge at MSIT, at the IIIT-H campus. He completed his master's degree from JNTU-H. He has 2 years of teaching and mentoring experience at Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, RK valley, and 8 years of experience at MSIT, IIIT-H.

An MSIT alumnus himself, he has experienced the potential of Learning-By-Doing and realized the great value that the hands-on approach provides. His passion for teaching made him choose this career path.

He excels at programming and problem-solving and likes to work on challenging problems to find the best solutions. His continuous monitoring, mentoring, and guidance helped the students to gain industry-ready knowledge.

He mentored the students in various courses at MSIT, IIIT-H. He is the course in-charge of the second-year elective courses and first-year remedial courses and is also involved in various administration tasks for the second-year students. He believes that a mentor is successful only when his students are successful.

He is one of the members of the content development team for the BSIT program, GCIT and RUB.