Rajesh Kumar K

Rajesh Kumar K

Assistant Mentor


Rajesh Kumar K is an Assistant Mentor at MSIT, at the IIIT Hyderabad campus. He teaches Programming Languages C, Java, Python, Object Oriented Programming, Algorithms Data Structures, Introduction to Data Science, Introduction to Database Management System (DBMS), Introduction to Block-chain Technology, Full Stack Development, Mobile Development and DevOps

What drives him to teach?

"My learning experience as a student in MSIT drove me to teach because being a student from Non IT background gave me a lot of exposure/ways to learn and become good at IT. I relate my experiences with students' and guide them to improve their ability to learn, solve problems quickly, and become good at IT."


  • Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) from JNTU Hyderabad

  • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from St Mary's Group Of Institutions, Hyderabad