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Frequently asked questions

What schools does this work for?

Our system currently works for any degree(s) obtained from higher education institutions (Colleges / Universities) in Canada. United States schools will be added to the list soon.

Do you verify grades?

We do not share grades for privacy reasons.

What fields are presented to the user in the API?

1 - Email 2 - School name* 3 - School login ID 4 - School login password *We provide a full list of institutions via a dropdown field that is hosted on our domain.

Can we customize the API?

Yes, you can change the look and feel of the content presented to your user to best suit your website/platform style.

Who is this service for?

ZippedScript's verification service is most useful for the following types of companies: - Human Resources Information Systems - Jobsites - Recruiting Agencies - Background Check Services - Enterprises that hire internally

What is the output of the API?

On the backend, the output is a JSON file. On the frontend, the user will receive a URL link that displays the verification of the degree(s) in question, date earned, and name.

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