MSIT Program Offerings

Develop. Grow. Succeed.


Introductory Webinar

Looking to understand if the MSIT Program is right for you? Jump right into an introductory webinar and get to meet our stellar faculty who offer an overview of the program. Ask your questions and get them answered straight from the faculty that will be teaching you. 

Exceptional Teaching

At MSIT, we tread the path less taken and ensure our students learn industry-ready skills through our unique project-centric curriculum. Students learn to apply classroom teaching in a corporate environment, setting them up for success.


Sequential Learning

MSIT employs a unique ‘Sequential Learning’ technique by which a student only moves on to the next course after thoroughly mastering the preceding course as against the conventional BTECH/MTECH programs which offer courses in a parallel fashion.


This sequential pattern would enable a student to master one course at a time, understand the relevant concepts, give him some scope to explore in-depth core concepts and move on with the next course. The Mastery Model of assessment requires a student to score 80% and above. This motivates students to stretch their abilities and reach the required target percentage.


Our Courses

 An academic year is divided into 6 mini semesters. The duration of each mini semester is eight weeks. The first year has five IT and Soft Skills mini semesters each and 1 practicum mini semester. The Second year has four IT and Soft Skills mini semesters each and 2 practical mini-semesters. There would be a 4 - week vacation spread over the year.

IT Core
  • IT Workshop (ITW)

  • Computer Science Programming and Principles (CSPP)

  • Introduction to Data Science (IDS)

  • Principles of Software Construction (PSC)

  • Algorithms and Data Structures (ADS)

  • Databases (DB)

  • Computer Networks (CN)