B.Tech / B.E (All Branches)
Admissions are based on ranks obtained in the entrance exam called Graduate Aptitude Test (GAT).
Graduate Aptitude Test (GAT) will be conducted by CIHL in two ways:
      1. Walk-in Entrance – Candidates have the option to choose the date of the exam.
      2. Regular GAT Entrance – Exam is conducted on a fixed date.

Due to the COVID-19 situation the Graduate Aptitude Test (GAT), both Walk- in Entrance and Regular GAT Entrance are conducted online i.e. candidates can take the test from home. Hence candidates can stay home and stay safe.

Candidates can appear either for Walk-in OR Regular GAT Entrance OR both tests. Before COVID-19 situation Candidates can appear for Walk-ins three times and Regular GAT one time i.e, maximum 4 times.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Walk-in can be attempted one time and the Regular GAT can be attempted one time, i.e. candidate can take the test for a maximum of 2 times. The best of these two will be considered for the rankings.

For every attempt a non-refundable amount of Rs.1000 has to be paid online by Credit / Debit card or net banking from our website (www.msitprogram.net).

Walk-in Entrance Test
Eligible candidates can apply online for walk-in Entrance Test Apply here from 15th May 2020.
Due to the COVID-19 Situation
Walk-In Entrance GAT (online) starts on 15th May 2020
Walk-In Entrance GAT (online) ends on 26th June 2020

* Please find the URL that has instructions and process that need to be followed to take the exam. https://online.cbexams.com/RPS/MSIT/Default.aspx"

* Practice Tests : https://online.cbexams.com/RPS/MSIT/Practice_Instructions.aspx"

Regular GAT
Regular Entrance Test is conducted from 28th June 2020. Candidates can apply for this test online Apply
Last date for applying for Regular GAT Entrance (online) 15th June 2020
Regular GAT Entrance (online) Examination is conducted on 28th June 2020
Entrance test waived
GRE: Candidates who have taken the GRE after July 2016 are exempted from the entrance test (GAT) if they have a score of 301/3.5
Allotment of Learning Center

Admissions are based on ranks obtained in the entrance test. In the MSIT Counseling 2020, candidates would be asked to select learning centers and the seats are allotted in the order of their rank. Candidates admitted into IIITH & JNTUH will be given direct admission into MSIT main program. Candidates admitted into JNTUK, JNTUA & SVU have to undergo a 4-week preparatory program. After the successful completion of the preparatory program, they will be admitted into the MSIT main program.