The proof of concept of any program lies in industry acceptance. MSIT has a strong tie up with the software Industry to understand the pulse of the market and be prepared to beat the competition. Based on inputs from the stalwarts of the IT market the curriculum is enriched and tailored to be suitable for the ever changing needs and pressing demands of the industry. This close participation and collaboration with the industry creates a win-win situation for both the industry and the MSIT Program. The MSITians get the best of the courses based on technologies that are likely to be prevalent when these students hit the market and also benefit from the interactions with the bigwigs like the CEO and VPs of companies like GATI which come to visit MSIT and share their experiences with the students about how the industry runs and what it needs. On the other hand the industry gets 'Ready to work' students who understand and can translate the ideas of the CEO into path breaking software solutions. Apart from technical competency the industry looks for people who possess good softskills. Again MSIT fits the bill because of its unique soft skills program that is delivered with the support of C&K Management Limited.
Starting from the preparatory course to the domain specializations and practicum the industry interaction in MSIT is commendable. During the preparatory course Mr. Sriram of Vital Technologies, had interacted with the students to give valuable inputs on business planning and also offered to give projects to MSITians. Going ahead, to name a few of the major companies that play a big role in strengthening the corporate-MSIT relationship are:

Computer Associates
Computer Associates conduct monthly technical talks on topics like security, storage, IT Infrastructure management etc. Also CA has offered internships for students during their practicum period. Currently there are about eight MSITians working as interns and two full time employees at CA. The company is eager to participate in the learning by doing model of MSIT and contribute in developing the course content for Storage Technologies.
3COM has opened up a computer networks research laboratory on campus and is offering internship to a number of MSITians. The company is also offering practicum to the students that involves real world problems in networks and security.
Microsoft has offered to conduct .NET courses for MSITians based on real world case studies.
GATI has offered practicum to MSITians to improve the in-transit visibility of packages and develop a vehicle tracking system.
JP Morgan:
CIHL/MSIT and JP Morgan Chase Hyderabad have MOU relating to internships, recruitment and collaboration towards providing industry perspective for university programs.
Mutual mobile
CIHL/MSIT and mutual mobile have MOU in offering course work on ecommerce, mobile technologies and latest industry trends. This also includes internship programs and recruitment.
Gramener offering Data Visualisation course at IIIT Hyderabad and JNTU Hyderabad as part of the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) outreach programme. This programme is offered by a consortium of universities with the support of State government of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Through this partnership, Gramener is collaborating to create course content, design curriculum as per industry standards and also have joint partnership to execute projects on predictive analytics and data visualisation.