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GAT test

Entrance Test Syllabus
The GAT test will have 43 questions on quantitative (mathematical) ability involving arithmetic, elementary algebra, geometry, inequalities, graphs (data interpretation), sets, relations, etc. and 29 questions on analytical/logical reasoning and 28 questions in verbal (proficiency in English) involving sentence completion, analogy, reading comprehension, antonyms, etc.

The GAT test is Computer based. The test will be for two and a half hours duration and will contain 100 questions.
The MSIT Aptitude test consists of three sections, namely:

1) Section I: Verbal Ability:
This section assesses the candidate's familiarity with English language usage.

Main Topics
Sentence Completion
Reading Comprehension

2) Section II: Quantitative Ability:
This section assesses the candidate's familiarity with basic Mathematics and ability to deal with numbers and number-crunching.

Main Topics Sub Topics
Discrete Comparison Statistics
Time and work
Ratio Proportion and variations
Time speed distance
Data Analysis Data Interpretation
Quantitative Comparison Geometry
Profit, Loss, Discount
Number system
Sets Sets
Relations Progressions
Linear equations
Functions Miscellaneous

3) Section III: Analytical and Logical Ability:
This section assesses the candidates to deal with problem-solving using analytical and logical thinking.

Main Topics Sub Topics
Analytical Ability Linear sequence or arrangements
Circular arrangements
Ascending/descending order arrangements
Logical Reasoning Logical Reasoning

Listening Comprehension test
The Listening Comprehension test is for forty-five minutes involving short passages and conversations followed by questions to be answered.

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